What are Fixed Jackpots?

The popularity of the fixed jackpot has led it to attract a couple of aka’s such as the flat jackpots, cashpot, or standalone among others. This type of jackpot doesn’t come with so many strings attached so no matter the amount of your bet, the jackpot doesn’t change. New punters who are not conversant with the jackpots might easily confuse the fixed jackpot with the progressive yet the difference is very significant. 

For the progressive jackpot, therefore, the cash prize keeps rising as more players place bets to try their luck and win, but with the fixed jackpot prize is finite. If we look at it from the casino’s perspective then this has to be one of the opportunities that the casinos utilize to cash in, because punters will keep on placing bets that don’t affect the ultimate cash prize. 

Players who engage in fixed jackpot slots should not expect different amounts of payouts when they hit the jackpot in a row, and as usual, BetRivers Michigan online casino will have a catch for the fixed jackpot. In that before the payout is credited to your account, you might be required to at least wager a minimum amount, the above however doesn’t apply to all the casinos that is why it is important that you go through the terms and conditions before placing your bet. 

You might be wondering why the fixed jackpots are popular when compared to the progressive jackpots, and the reason is simple; for the progressive jackpots, the hit frequency is not as high, while the fixed jackpot tends to offer punters consistent winning odds, with less fluctuation. The latter then means that players stand a higher chance of hitting the jackpot with less risk involved as players already know about their winnings. 

Don’t be fooled, however, to think that since the jackpot prize is finite there is a winning strategy because, like any other online slot game, the fixed jackpot is completely dependent on chance and luck as it equally utilizes the random number generators. In essence, therefore, the fixed jackpots can give you a chance to change your life but winning is just as hard, as it is while playing the progressive slots. 

Fixed jackpot slots

The fixed jackpot is additionally known for offering regular payouts but be informed that if the bet is small then the payout will be smaller. Besides, the highest fixed jackpot in the online circles offers punters the opportunity of winning a prize of up to 100,000x the bet that they placed. So before you settle on a fixed jackpot slot machine, be sure to first check the paytable and see if the amounts offered for multiplying your bet are worth the damage to your bankroll. 

The essence of playing the online fixed jackpots, therefore, is to make profits, have fun and learn tips and tricks on improving your gaming, when either of the above is not fulfilled, best you stop playing the online slots because you will not derive gratifications no matter the angle that you take. Lastly, there is never a guarantee that you will win a fixed jackpot, so if you lose, tomorrow might be your lucky day besides fixed jackpots are known to offer regular payouts.