Popular features of Online Slots

The goal of all online slots is to create winning combinations of identical symbols of each spin of the reels, and the basic rules are the same for each slot, namely placing the bet, pressing the “Start” or “Spin” button and withdrawing the winnings.  As casino developers introduce new slots, there are more special features and since the casino industry is constantly expanding, new features are expected.



The Free Spins feature is part of the category of the Bonus feature that may include various awards. With online slots, this feature can be activated in different ways, usually requiring at least 3 Scatter symbols placed anywhere on the rollers or on certain reels. Depending on the game, and players will receive a number of free spins that differs from the number of rejoined symbols on the rollers.


It is the feature that increases adrenaline and desire to win. Once enabled, the standard rollers will become rollers with symbols falling like a cascade, meant to occupy positions and help you form winning combinations. If the symbols form combinations of identical symbols, they will disappear or go down for other symbols to position themselves in a winning combination. Here, you have the chance to get big winnings.


Gamble feature, popular with over 777 online slots, consists of multiplying winnings by correctly assuming the color of the card that appears on the screen. The function is quite simple, but it also involves taking a risks. If your assumption is correct, winnings will increase, which sounds very tempting, but if you do not guess, you will lose your winnings during the game. The feature may be activated by the player by pushing the button with the same name.


Multipliers are symbols specific for online slots that increase your earnings if they are part of a winning combination. For example, if you have a combination of 3 symbols, including a 2x multiplier, you will receive twice s many winnings as you would have received without that symbol in that combination.