Before you play Zeus for free, here is a brief introduction to the game

Before you play Zeus for free, here is a brief introduction to the game

Last Update 28.09.2020

WMS is a famous slots provider that came up with Zeus in 2014. It equips the slot machine with 30 pay lines, five reels and various winning combinations. The Zeus slot machine includes a theme of the Ancient Greek. Playing this game helps you learn more about a prominent God known as Zeus and Goddesses. The software developer equips it with vibrant graphics and captivating sounds that make it fun to play. It is not a complicated game machine to learn since you only need to know a few rules for you to get started. Go through the paytable information before you start playing the free Zeus slot.

An overview of the Zeus free slot machine

Like other slot games, Zeus comes with a collection of symbols which represent different things. All of the symbols are based on Greek mythology. They include the Zeus, Boat, Pegasus, Helmet, Wreath, Silver, Gold, Harp and Vase. Unlike other games, Zeus online slot does not come with card symbols. Whether you want to play Zeus for free or for real money, you should not miss out on some of the rewarding symbols such as the Wild, scatter lighting or Zeus symbol. The most rewarding symbol is the Zeus while the Scatter symbol triggers a bonus. The slot machine also comes with an auto-play feature which allows you to set your preferences.

What makes Zeus a popular slot game?

Many gamers like the Zeus slot machine since it is not only exciting but also rewarding and straightforward. You can play for free or for real money. The slot also offers a free games feature when playing for real money. You can benefit from the bonus rounds that Zeus provides by obtaining at least three scatter symbols. People also like free spins since they help them last in the game for long.

The Zeus slots classic game is made available on a modern platform. You may try Zeus for free on a seamless online platform, to get the full experience. While at it, feel free for you do not need to be stringed to your PC or laptop. You can enjoy playing Zeus slots at the site or on your smartphone or tablet. It is a most popular game that many bettors will recognize.

You can play Zeus slot for free as you immerse yourself into another era. You go to ancient Greece and get to see the famous Greek gods during gameplay. The main character is the grand Greek god, Zeus, flanked by other gods and goddesses. Great graphics and pleasant audio feature this game, besides the major winning opportunities it offers.

Try the Zeus slot for free and attempt to hit three scatter symbols. That will bring you 10 free spins! Four scatter symbols will reward you with 25 free spins! The bonus round of this game is special as it allows you to initiate it again. What you need to do is to hit at least 3 lightning. For the bonus rounds, you may use the Zeus symbol. This slot offers you cash worth $ 0.01 to $ 5 and you can use a winning coin with a minimum bet of $ 0.30 and a maximum of $ 5. Bet on a total of $ 150 and a maximum win is $ 2,500 in real money and a cumulative $ 500!

As you keep playing in ancient Greece, you learn the mythology of Zeus at your pleasure, and elsewhere. You get to enjoy touring the time, enjoy the online casino slot impression, and who knows! Maybe you will hit the winning combination some time.

In your history books somewhere, you must have come across the Greek God, Zeus, and maybe not paid him too much attention. You moved on to other things but you keep bumping into this word and now you encounter it in your free online games at the local casino. Time to play Zeus slots online for free, and maybe through Montezuma, you could polish up on your knowledge of this Greek god.

But before that, how is it possible to play casino games for free online?

Let’s start at the beginning. 1884 was the year when Charles Fey came up with a design for the first ever slot machine. Could be he was bored and wanted to start something that could occupy his evenings but bless his mind because this only meant this first slot machine could only be made better. 16 years later, the first video game was created, and nothing has stopped the revolution since.

Play Zeus Online Free anywhere 

These implementations led free spirits to come up with new games that we now see everywhere. Now, a little history on Zeus, who inspired Montezuma. He was the youngest of Cronus and Rhea’s children and so he had to prove his worth in a family of high achievers. He worked hard to prove he wasn’t only a child of two great people and this made him stand out and receive the recognition he so craved.

Being married to the striking and powerful Hera did not prevent him from being a ladies man. Playing this game not only takes you through Zeus’ conquests, but it also forces you to think like a great man to beat the hurdles you will find along the way. An entertaining game indeed!

The benefit of playing for free is that you’re not risking anything, especially considering that luck plays a big part in such games. Before betting any money, make sure you are feeling lucky to avoid big losses, like this unlucky gambler did.

Why you should play Zeus slot free

WMS came up with a slot machine known as Zeus which has gained a lot of popularity within a short duration. Zeus slot game has different winning combinations which you can learn from playing this game without risking your hard-earned cash. Play Zeus free and enjoy the fast pace of this game. It features five reels and 30 pay lines. Apart from keeping you entertained, this slot machine helps you learn more regarding the Ancient Greek Gods. You will love the enticing soundtrack and the vibrant graphics included in Zeus slot.

When you play slot games free, you get to interact with different symbols that support the theme. Zeus slot game takes you on a Greek adventure where you meet different Gods and Goddesses. It contains symbols that support the Greek mythology such as Helmet, Wreath, Vase, Zeus, Gold coin, and Silver. Play Zeus slot free as you utilize the wild and scatter symbols. You can also trigger bonuses using the lightning symbol. Apart from playing for free, you can also try your luck on real money wagering. Start with setting bet limits when playing for real Zeus for real money and stick to them.

Play Zeus free of charge as you utilize free spins

One of the reasons why many people like Zeus is because of its numerous features. It is a modern slot machine that offers free spin bonus rounds. This can help you last in the game for longer without utilizing your own money. If you want to earn free spins, you have to form a combination of at least 3 scatters. This translates to 10 free spins. If you land additional scatters on the connecting reels, you get awarded extra free spins.