Even though gambling online can be addictive, no law in the US prohibits this activity. Every state is given the mandate to implement laws governing this activity in the US. In most states, gambling is legal apart from a few states. For instance, it is illegal to bet online in Utah and Hawaii. Washington, Illinois, and Wisconsin also prohibit people from placing bets online. One of the cities that is famous for this activity is Las Vegas. It has some of the largest casinos in the world and offers different games. You can choose to play from land-based sites if you enjoy the glamor of such casinos or an online platform if you prefer playing peacefully.

What are other forms of gambling legal in the US?

Legal online gambling US involves more than just online casino games. People engage in different forms of gambling within the country without fear of prosecution. For instance, if casino games are not appealing enough to you, you can try betting on sports. For years, sports betting was illegal until 2018. Only four states before that made sports betting fully legal. Things have changed with more states legalizing sports betting. Apart from that, you can also bet on horse races legally. Horse race betting is popular among the youth since it is simpler than other gambling forms. Since jurisdictions in the US started endorsing lotteries, lotto betting became more famous than ever.

Why you should choose US online casinos that have valid licenses

When you are new to online casino gambling, you may not understand the importance of verifying some information. In as much as states try to regulate casinos, some people still run shady businesses in the industry. They fail to comply with the set laws, thus end up harassing customers. You can avoid such issues by choosing a fully regulated and licensed casino.


Various regions in the world handle internet gambling with different approaches. The legal authorities try to protect the rights of gamblers by regulating online casinos in various parts. Though all legitimate casinos worldwide have to meet particular standards, you can distinguish the specifics for every country. In the US, gambling is allowed within Atlantic City. In the UK, all online gambling sites must abide by the standards of the UK Gambling Commission. Each country has a licensing system which tries to protect vulnerable people from the drawbacks of gambling. If you are in the US, you can find legal casinos for you to enjoy the activity. Ensure you understand all the laws connected to gambling in the state before you engage.

Learn more about online gambling laws in the US

In this region, different acts surrounding online gambling have been evaluated over the years to legalize this activity. For instance, the UIGEA was against gambling sites accepting funds from players. The Restoration of American Wire Act was also introduced. This act outlawed sports betting only and did not target casino games. People also came up with the Interstate Wire Act, which targeted organizations that facilitate certain betting activities. This did not target individuals who liked gambling. Currently, this activity is legal in most US states. You can engage in online legal casinos without the fear of prosecution.

Which states in the US allow legal gambling?

Delaware, Nevada, and New Jersey are some of the states in the US that allow online gambling legally. Online sites in this state work under the regulations of different gaming commissions which have specific requirements. For instance, for you to be part of online casinos, you have to be at least 21 years and be within the region.

After waiting for years for the law to recognize and legalize online gambling, New Jersey residents can now enjoy the freedom of gambling from the comfort of their homes. Several casinos are now licensed under the main land-based casinos in Atlantic City as per the law, and now you can win real money as you lay in your bed.

List of Licensed Online Casinos in New Jersey

There are now several online casinos in New Jersey, among them these; The Trump Plaza Hotel and Casino, The Tropicana Casino, Caesars Atlantic City, Bally’s Atlantic City, The Trump Taj Mahal Casino Resort, and the Borgata Hotel Casino and Spa.

These licensed online casinos have kept their heads up regardless of the fierce competition from upcoming online ventures and they all seem to be having a good run since none of them has folded yet.

Regulation by the New Jersey Casino Control Commission

All casinos, whether online or offline are regulated by the New Jersey Casino Control Commission to ensure that they follow the set rules and that customers are treated right. Any New Jersey licensed online casino will request that you create an account before you start playing and that you be at least aged 21 to participate. You also have to be within the borders of the state to create the said account or to gamble.

How does the commission know that you are logging in from within the state? GeoLocation software, that’s what. This way, boundaries are respected, and everyone stays within their jurisdiction.

Are there new plans in the horizon for New Jersey gamblers? Well, we have seen the state’s gambling industry go from strength to strength, and no doubt that is bound to keep happening in the future. Sportsbooks have also been launched and online sports gambling is becoming the newest adventure for sports lovers. So much seems to be in store.


Legal online poker in New Jersey launched in November 2013. The state has different poker networks involving up to 7 sites. You can play online poker from sites such as Borgata, Pala Poker, PokerStars, and PartyPoker. All these are licensed poker rooms which deliver high-quality services to customers. They guarantee the safety of your funds and give you fair poker games that you will enjoy playing. They also provide generous promotions and rewards to help customers grow their bankroll when playing online poker for real money. If this is your favorite game, do not hesitate to check out such sites.

Is online poker legal?

This state has been regulating online poker for more than 5 years now. Gov, Chris Christie has been fighting for the legalization of online poker in New Jersey since January 2011. In 2012, Gov Chris Christie vetoed a bill advocating for the legalization of this form of gambling in New Jersey. The legislature obliged to this bill and signed it into law after a couple of days. According to the bill, most of the funds that would be raised from the gambling activity would go to problem gambling programs. By Nov 2013, online poker was fully permitted.

The forms of online poker you should try

Online poker is a diverse game that comes in various forms. Different sites in New Jersey offer multiple forms of online poker. You can play types such as Texas Hold’em, Pot limit Omaha, and seven card studs. Apart from enjoying the types, online sites also offer weekly tournaments to frequent online poker games. Take advantage of such opportunities to maximize profits. The new poker site that you choose has to use geolocation software or cellphone triangulation to verify your location before allowing you to play poker. Such technology disconnects any player that does not abide by the zoning requirements.


A lot of people who play games for real money have this concern. It is normal to want assurance regarding the credibility of a site. Legal online casinos try to maintain fair games to avoid losing customers. If you are not comfortable with the site you are using, you should try playing games from a different casino. A good legal casino should display information regarding the software testing facility that it uses. Look at the RNG performance of the site and confirm that it works with a reliable testing provider. Recognizing any faults in a casino’s software can save you from a bad gaming experience.

The background of legal online casinos

For years, Atlantic City was the primary gambling destination in the East Coast. As other parts of the country changed their perspective regarding online gambling, Atlantic City suffered a decline in gambling revenue since states such as New Jersey had not legalized the activity by then. People started advocating for legal casinos to give the state a financial boost. In 2013, lawmakers passed a bill which legalized gambling sites in the region.

The requirements that online legal casinos must meet

The Division of Gaming Enforcement is responsible for overseeing all legal casinos. For a casino to offer legal play in the region, it should hold a valid permit from the regulatory body. All the systems and games from the casino should be regularly audited. A licensed casino should permit financial auditing of all the funds coming in and out of the site. It should also pay 15% tax as well as additional fees such as license fee to the New Jersey state.