Casino Ratings and New Jersey Online Gamblers

10 Facts about New Jersey Online Gamblers 

New Jersey is one of the states that is highly recognized for gambling. Online gamblers in the region have some common characteristics. Before you start gambling online from any of the online New Jersey casinos, here are some facts you should know regarding online gamblers in the state.

  • Demographics

According to the NJ law, adults above 21 years old are the only ones that are allowed to engage in legit New Jersey casinos. A study reveals that the average age of online gamblers in the state is 38. Most women who engage in online gambling in New Jersey are 41 years, while men are 37 years.

  • Statistics

As of 2015, more than 370,000 people in New Jersey engaged in online gambling. The number of men who engage in this activity seems to be higher than that of women.

  • Gambling at offshore websites

Though there are a lot of licensed New Jersey casinos, some of the online gamblers in the region play at unregulated sites.

  • Online gambling

Most NJ residents prefer playing their favorite games from online platforms as opposed to land-based sites. They enjoy the convenience they get from online gambling.

  • Location

The leading New Jersey casinos only allow you to gamble if you are within the state. Based on studies done, most of the online gamblers who stay outside New Jersey create accounts with some NJ sites and use them when they visit the state.

  • Game preferences

Most people prefer casino games compared to online poker. Only 16% of the NJ popular choose online poker as opposed to casino games.

  • Betting

Online gamblers in NJ spend a lot of money in casinos. On average, more than 160,000 bets are placed each year.

  • Time of playing

Though sites give you access to games round the clock, most online gamblers prefer betting at night from 9 pm to 3 am.

  • Responsible gambling

The best New Jersey casinos have features that prevent gambling problems. More than 13,000 online gamblers in NJ make use of these features. 6% of the gamblers in NJ have gambling disorders.

  • Fantasy sports

Apart from casino games, at least 300 players in the region engage in daily fantasy sports.

Casino ratings can help you find the right gambling site for your needs

Are you in search of a good casino that you can use to play frequently? The numerous casinos in the industry can be overwhelming. You can, however, simplify your search by looking at New Jersey casino ratings. Casinos are rated differently putting into consideration all the relevant factors. Experts in the gambling industry are responsible for rating casinos. They use a specialized rating system to certify the fairness and reliability of different casinos before ranking them.

The factors that experts consider when rating casinos include the bonus requirements, software platforms and quality of services. The reputation, as well as reviews, are also key factors. As you choose a casino, you should, therefore, be keen on the numbers and try to find out the reason why a casino is ranked in a particular position.

The best online casino ratings in New Jersey

Casino analysts understand the importance of choosing the right casinos. They have therefore come up with New Jersey casino ratings to help you make informed decisions on the right casino to play. The Division of Gaming Enforcement regulates and licenses casinos in New Jersey. Our online casino ratings include the top ranked sites in New Jersey.

  • Golden Nugget

This is one of the big names in the gambling industry. Golden Nugget is famous for its exclusive bonuses and wide range of games including live dealer games.

  • Virgin Casino

Choose this casino and get $ 30 free for you to start playing with. Once you have made your first deposit, the casino offers you $100 cash back.

  • Caesars casino

The customer support offered here makes many customers leave positive reviews. It is a casino that has a lot of rewards for customers. You will also enjoy the diverse games and payment options available.

Find out how a live casino differs from a standard online casino

If you are a gambling beginner, you may be wondering the best option to choose between the two. A live casino gives you the same experience as a land-based casino. Though you can interact with the dealer and other players like in a physical casino, you do this from your home. Live casinos are advanced due to the technical capabilities we now have online.

These differ from a standard online casino which is software-generated. Online casinos that do not live make use of the random number generator to distribute cards and even determine the results of a game. In a live casino, you get to enjoy the feel of a live dealer distributing hands and shuffling cards. The best live casinos can, therefore, take your gaming experience to the next level.

The advantages of choosing a live casino online

If you have always wanted to play casino games with real cards but dislike overcrowded places, you should consider playing online live casino games. Due to the advancement in technology, live dealer games allow you to play when you wish from anywhere. They are much better compared to playing against the computer and give you a high level of entertainment. You will also enjoy the pace of playing games live. You can even play live dealer games through a mobile phone. Mobile live casinos are quite convenient and fun. Since there is no option of playing these games for free, you have to be careful to avoid losing your money. We recommend you start by playing a new game online before trying it live so that you can learn it well. Live dealer games are suitable for professional players. If you master the right strategies to use, you can make a substantial amount within minutes. Such games also come with offers that can help you last longer in a session.