A Word About RTPs

Spin your chances and you will certainly hit the jackpot. Are there any tricks in order to make sure that you can win more money? Well, when talking about slots, there is. Have you ever heard about the RTP of a slot?

What is a RTP indicator?

A RTP indicator, also known as a return to player indicator represents, exactly as its name suggests, the percentage of money that have been bet by the player that he might get back. More precisely, an RTP shown you what are your chances in winning by playing that particular game. Even though the rate is usually calculated by taking into consideration the last 1000 plays, this indicator is still an estimated one, so don’t get your hopes up too much. But it also works the other way around. If a game’s RTP is low, it doesn’t mean that you can’t win a huge amount of money.

Let’s take an example!

If we take for example a game with a 90% RTP, for every 100$ you bet, you could easily win 90$. The rest of the money is kept by the casino. Before starting to play, look for the game’s RTP, it is usaually displayed somewhere on the screen.

Let’s have fun spinning slots!

No matter what is your favourite game, always remember to take into consideration its RTP.